Actually, it's challenging to study at the Faculty of Economics. You must learn to overcome difficulties in order to enter the business elite – not only in Russia but also in neighboring countries, to become a world-class academic or to build a political career, to create and develop your own business.
Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Doctor of Economics,
Professor Auzan A.A.
I have acquired two key competencies throughout my years of studying the higher education can provide – the skill of effective work with information and the skill of negotiating with people (building relationships). This gave me a chance to try myself in two big companies (Unilever, McKinsey&Co), and I quickly came up with my further career.
Head of factoring business in the American startup TruckerPath, A.Chirkov
+7 (495) 939-32-98

At the Faculty of Economics, you can

Attend lectures from best specialists and experts
Become a member of alma-mater Graduates' society
Work with friends on interesting projects
Have breakfast enjoying Moscow panoramic views

Student life at the faculty

Students study 2 semesters, in winter and in summer they pass tests and exams. During each semester they attend lectures, perform on seminars, work on group projects and conduct researches. In order not to spend too much time in the library, they get access to special databases and online resources.

From the very beginning students with high score English test start learning English and French or German. Those who didn't get enough points for this test, can choose second foreign language during the third year. Some students leave for internships to gain international experience in different countries.

At the end of the 2nd young men pass physical tests to enroll in military department. They have enough time to get in shape and do some sports before that. At the end of the 4th year guys get their military tickets.

Students get to know their employers during workshops or "Career Days". This event is held twice a year. Companies get a chance to recruit new employees.
Studying process
12 compulsory and 25 optional courses
English, German, French
120 (for foreigners 17)


For Russians: Math (advanced level), Math (inner exam), Russian, Foreign language
For foreigners: Math, Russian, Foreign language

Studying process
Personal curriculum from the 3rd year
English, German, French
90 (for foreigners - 50)
For Russians: Math (advanced level), Math (inner exam), Russian, Foreign language
For foreigners: Math, Russian, Foreign language

Students get to know the faculty during the first semester and learn the principles of Economics, Math analysis and Linear algebra. If you want extra challenging tasks with more advanced Economics and Math, try passing tests to the First group. There are 25 people who won Olympiads and who coped well with distribution tests in this project with increased academic load. Starting from the 2nd semester future economists choose disciplines to study on their own. Therefore, all level students feel equally comfortable.
During first two years all disciplines are mandatory. It helps to get an idea of future career. After that future managers choose an individual track. The MAX project tutors support students from the beginning until graduation. They make possible to cope with projects future employers' projects and provide assistance with job search.
What people say about the Faculty of Economics?
Economic education is a good basis for successful professional skills development in many areas. That allow you to adapt quickly to changing world and solve effectively complex problems. The MSU Faculty of Economics consists of traditions, great professors and developed infrastructure. It's all you need for personal and professional development.
Maxim Ovchinnikov
First Deputy Director General of Roskosmos
At first MAX project was only a bold experiment inspired by administration and the creative team. Nowadays it is a competitive advantage of "Management" program. This project complements traditional economic educations with soft skills developing activities. With MAX the career ladder turns into an escalator!
Roman Gridin
A graduate of MAX'18, an analyst at the Consumer Market Development Center at the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo
The Faculty of Economics is all about opportunities. "If you're going to while away the years, it's far better to live them with clear goals and fully alive then in a fog". This quote is my associations with my faculty. I can't come up with other words to describe life here. It gives you an opportunity to learn and study, test yourself in new disciplines and dive into favorite subjects, find your limits and deserve great vacations.
Nadezhda Nikolaewa
Third year student
I went on an internship at the beginning of the third year. Everything was reealed to me during this great experience — friends from different countries, new culture and new perspective on my studies. Studying in English was not as difficult as I expected. After a couple of weeks I felt that it was almost my native language. By the end of my trip I mastered German to the same level. It seemed that studying there was easier than in MSU. I liked the atmosphere of a small campus most of all.
Ulyana Smirnova
Third year student
Our choice of courses in data analysis and macroeconomics goes far beyond standard bachelor program. In reality it turned out to be very demanded during my internships at Yandex, VTB24 and the Gaidar Institute. Now I work in the monetary policy department in the Bank of Russia and I'm completing Masters degree in the Faculty of Economics in MSU.
Gleb Kurovskiy
First Group Graduate, '17)
The most important aspect of studying at the faculty is freedom of choice. In fact, we can determine which subjects are interesting for us and whether we want to learn them or not. Many people believe that studying at MSU is too difficult. But trust me, if you can enroll the Faculty of Economics, you are already capable enough to cope with it. Everything else depends on your attitude to studies.
Tatul Airapetyan
Second year student
The MSU Faculty of Economics is the top one among the most sought-after faculties of the largest universities in Russia, according to Future Today rating. The "Employment Assistance Service" helps our students with competent searching for internships, composing CVs and getting ready for interviews. They also organize "Career days" where companies meet with students and recruit them for internships.
Our students don't have to exit the building to do sports. There is a free fitness-center in the house which was designed in association with Nike. You can attend tennis, volleyball or basketball courts, football fields, running and baseball stadium on the MSU's territory. There is a swimming pool in the Main Building.

Advantages of studying here

The MSU team in the CFA Institute Research Challenge won Russian finals 6 out of 8 times, in Europe 2 times. This year they take part in the world series in New York. The MSU team in Econometrics also demonstrates outstanding results in Russian and international competitions.
Each term students can choose 1-2 out of 350 courses from other Faculties (so called inter-faculty electives). During these courses students learn about brain functions, dive into landscape design and try Big Data programming. And this is only 1% of the courses offered! If you enroll in the Faculty of economics although you heart calls for space launching – you can always give it a try.
Everything is close
Almost half of the students studying at the Faculty of Economics move to Moscow from other parts of Russia. They are provided with a hostel in DAS or FDS. Usually students live in group of 2-4 people per bedroom. The DAS is located on on Shvernik Street, 19. It takes half an hour all the way: 2 minutes' walk to the bus stop, 20-25 minutes to go by tram, 5 minutes to the faculty. FDS is located on Lomonosovsky Prospect, 31 in three bus stops to the faculty. The dormitory costs 6000-9000 rubles depending on type of the room.
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119991, Russia, Moscow, Leninskie Gory, Moscow State University, 3rd campus, The Faculty of Economics

Phone number
+7 495 939 32 98
How to get here?
1 Universitet metro station, exit from the last car from the center, then up the escalator;
2 Use the underground pedestrian crossing through Lomonosovsky Avenue and continue further along Vernadsky Avenue towards the center. After 60m, turn left at the second gate;
3 On the left you will see the EF building;
4 The side entrance and the Pass Office are located in the lecture hall;
+7 (495) 939-32-98